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Your place to buy Trelleborg Bergougnan Industrial Tires

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"The Preferred Tire of Industry"

Bergougnan has a proud history of manufacturing quality industrial rubber goods that stretches back more than 70 years. The company began to specialize in the design and the manufacture of industrial tires in 1950 and has grown into a leading position in that market.

To extend the company's global reach, in 1988 Bergougnan joined the Trelleborg Group, one of Sweden's largest industrial groups with more than 12,000 employees in more than 100 subsidiaries throughout the world. The Trelleborg Group also markets another range of special industrial tire products with Monarch Industrial Tire. See for more information. Today Trelleborg Bergougnan is a world-wide organization with manufacturing facilities in Belgium, the USA and Sri-Lanka, plus a distribution company in the USA.

Below is a brief summary of Trelleborg Bergougnan industrial tire products:

The Trelleborg Bergougnan "Elite" is the endurance champ in the solid resilient range. It offers:
  • Maxiumum reliability: A real endurance champion, due to high-quality material combined with advanced production technology
  • Long-life expectancy
  • Minimized vehicle energy consumption, due to the low rolling resistance
  • Considerable cost savings
  • Excellent thermal behavior (heat dissipation)
  • Riding comfort comparable to pneumatics
  • Perfect stability
The "Expert" from Trelleborg Bergougnan is the King of all industrial tires. It offers:
  • The pride of Bergougnan: larger, wider, stronger, better in every way
    --- Larger outer diameter
    --- More rubber volume
    --- Wider shoulders, thicker tread
    --- New tread design for better grip and ride
  • Longer lifetime guaranteed
  • Superior load capacity
  • Very low rolling resistance
  • Excellent riding comfort and stability
  • Maximum reliability

The Trelleborg Bergougnan Cushion Tire is a top-quality product based on broad expertise. These qualities consist of:
  • Firm Fitting of the rim (press fit)
  • Easy to mount
  • Any cylindrical rim can accept wider tires
  • Firm bonding between rubber and steel band
  • Steel bands are designed and manufactured by Trelleborg Bergougnan for most sizes
  • Available in non marking, cut resistance, high load, and electrically conducting

The Pneumatic range of tires from Trelleborg Bergougnan is a new generation of pneumatic tires. These pneumatic tires offer the following:
  • Designed for heavy-duty use on all industrial vehicles
  • Long operational life and minimum vehicle downtime
  • Excellent ride characteristics, even with wide loads and high stacking
  • Maximum reliability through reinforced sidewall protection (SWT)
  • Available in the three basic versions:
    --- Bergougnan SWT; the premium pneumatic with extra wide tread and reinforced sidewalls; it is ideal for heavy duty use while also providing an excellent ride, stability, long-life and reliability
    --- Bergougnan LBI; a heavy-duty, deep-lug industrial pneumatic tire for general purpose use; designed for durability and reliability; special tread compound protects the tire against cuts and damage
    --- Bergougnan Skid-Steer Pneumatic; based on the LBI design, this pneumatic is designed for skid steering applications, featuring exemplary operational life and a comfortable ride

Bergowheel is a full service program of industrial wheels that provide:
  • Wide range of wheels and rims
  • Tailor-made wheels
  • In-house workshop, short delivery times
  • Wheel range consisting of split wheels for resilient and pneumatic industrial tires; lock ring wheels for resilient and pneumatic industrial tires; lock ring wheels for dual mounting applications; and loader wheels for pneumatic tires
  • Rim range consisting split wheels; three-piece lock ring rim with flat base; four-piece lock ring rim with 5 tapered bead seating ring; and rim for easy mounting of LOC tires

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