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Stanley Industrial Tires

Your place to buy Thombert Industrial Tires

For more information on Thombert's polyurethane wheels and tires, click here.

Thombert, Inc. has been manufacturing polyurethane wheels and tires for over 40 years. Their quality tires and wheels offer long service life to your lift trucks. Thombert has a product to meet the performance demands of even the toughest applications. Call Stanley Industrial Tires toll free at 1-800-256-6789 for the lowest priced quote on your industrial tire needs from Thombert, Inc.

  • Combine the traction of rubber with the durability of polyurethane - and you have Thombert's "Razor Sipe" tire!
  • This soft poly performer has "razor cuts" at a 20 degree angle across the tread. Thombert's unique siping process utilizes a scalloped cut - with four cuts per inch. The result is exceptional gripping power - with greater cut and tear resistance than other siped tires
  • "Razor Sipe's" scalloped gripping edges provide better traction and safer braking on any floor surface
  • Greatly improved traction on wet floors; in wet conditions, the sharp "siped edges" cut through water - squeegeeing it out of the way
  • Better traction on inclines due to sharp edges that grip the running surface
  • Provides a soft ride with greater chunk and tear resistance than rubber
  • More load-bearing capacity than rubber
  • Lower rolling resistance for longer battery life on electric lift trucks

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