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Stanley Industrial Tires

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Stanley Industrial Tires, Inc. is proud to have Professional Industrial Tire Company as one of our most dependable suppliers. Pro Tire is a manufacturer of press-on tires, polyurethane load wheels, and pneumatics. These tires are manufactured in a state-of-the-art computer-controlled injection molding production system. The Pro-Line is your complete industrial tire source, with unmatched performance for the lowest investment. Call Stanley Industrial Tires toll free at 1-800-256-6789 for the lowest priced quote on your industrial tire needs from Professional Industrial Tire.

Below is a brief summary of Pro Tire's quality tires and wheels:

Pro Tire's "Traction Tread Press-On Solid Tires" are a rugged all-purpose tread design. They utilize wide, flat non-directional lugs for excellent traction and a superior cushion ride. These tires are available in all compounds.

Pro Tire's "Smooth Tread Press-On Solid Tires" are smooth and consistently deliver toughness and stamina, while also providing superior cut resistance. With greater durability and high load performance, these tires also afford smooth wear and more cushion for lift trucks. These tires are available in all compounds.

Pro Tire's "All-Pro Pneumatic Shaped Solids" are an excellent value with cut resistant qualities and they are designed for extended wear. These solid tires have superior traction plus little or no down time makes the All-Pro uniquely qualified to tackle the most demanding jobs. Their steel reinforced base allows for a perfect fit on all wheels.

Pro Tire's All-Pro HP Pneumatic Shaped Solids incorporate a highly elastic center with hard-wearing tread. The All-Pro HP offers the ride of a pneumatic tire but with more running hours, greater payload capacity and stability, with no potential hazards caused by punctures.


As a complete tire distributor, Pro Tire manufactures both standard and custom wheels and rims for most forklifts. They can also convert your single wheels to wide flotation or duals to meet special requirements.

Call Stanley Industrial Tires, Inc. for specific vehicle information that is needed when ordering wheels or rims for your forklift.

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