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Stanley Industrial Tires

Your place to buy Monarch Industrial Tires

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Choose Monarch Industrial Tires for superior performance, longer service, and reliability. Monarch is a vertically integrated solid tire manufacturer with products engineered and focused on customer's needs. Thousands of dollars ride on your tire decision. Monarch's specialized industrial tire line has the right tire for your specific job requirements. Let Stanley Industrial Tires save you time and money with quality products from Monarch. Call us toll free at 1-800-256-6789 for a quote on the Monarch Industrial Tire that is right for you.

Below is a brief summary of Monarch Industrial Tire products:

Monarch's rubber press-on tires are used in drive or steer positions for indoor/outdoor applications. Monarch's special MONOLOK® process permanently bonds the rubber to the rim for longer lasting service.



Monarch's Low Profile provides superior contact area, giving better load distribution and high stability.


Monarch's Mono-Cushion Profile provides softer ride and easier steering without sacrificing stability and strength.

Monarch's Mono-Grip® Wide Profile provides maximum contact area for superior stability and load distribution. Special lug design gives superior traction on all surfaces.



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Oil ResistantTM
For places where oil is encountered.
- Best resistance to chemicals and
   other non-chlorinated fluids.

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Super TireTM
For long runs and higher speeds.
- Best Rolling
- Superior wearing
- Softest Ride
- Excellent traction

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For heavier loads.
- Highest load carrying
- Easy rolling
- High Stability

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For toughest applications.
- Resists cuts and cut growth
- Good rolling
- High load carrying
- Good stability

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For care of floor areas.
- Cool running
- Easy rolling
- Good load carrying
- Available in 80 Durometer


Monarch's Pneumatic Shaped Solids are used in place of pneumatic tires. This eliminates downtime due to flats, while providing a lower center of gravity for the vehicle.

Monarch's Soft Shoe® Mono-Matic® outperforms pneumatics and competitive solid pneumatics, giving you a smoother ride and eliminating unnecessary downtime due to punctures, sidewall tears and blowouts.
Monarch's Soft-Shoe® HP offers a softer ride to reduce maintenance costs, while providing high traction and longer tread life.

Monarch's Soft Shoe® E-Class is a resilient tire designed for high speed and high duty cycle operations.


Monarch's Industrial Pneumatic Tires are built with an extra wide tread for increased traction and stability. The reinforced sidewalls and bead areas will protect the tire from side impacts. The premium tread compound insures maximum tire life and wear resistance.


The Mono-Cushion® 900 & Trelleborg Monarch Industrial Pneumatics and tubes are designed specifically for heavy duty applications.



  • Full Range Of Sizes
  • Manufactured To Customers Specifications
  • Engineered For Safety And Durability
  • Single Or Dual Spacing
  • Flat-Base, Drop-Center & Bolt Together
  • Designed For Use With Pneumatic (Tube-Type Or Tubeless) Tires, Or With Solid Pneumatic Replacement Tires.

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