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Falcon Wheel is one of the largest producers of high performance cast polyurethane products in North America. They are a 35-year old company based in Gardena, California.

Their chemical engineers are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of polyurethane chemistry. They have pioneered innovations like Chemfused bonding and developed proprietary curatives for the materials handling industry. Their Hyload compound redefined performance for demanding warehouse applications by dramatically reducing hysteretic energy loss. Falcon Wheel is committed to continue expanding polyurethane tire and wheel performance as new lift truck designs push the limits of today's technology.

Available only at Falcon Wheel, this proprietary system sets the standard in urethane to metal bonding. Chemfusion creates a link at the molecular level joining urethanes to metal cores. This forms a covalent bond that exceeds the tensile strength of the urethane. The Chemfused agent also works to passivate steel surfaces by eliminating the formation of metal oxides which can nullify a bond.

The heart of Falcon Wheel is their state of the art liquid casting facility where they process millions of pounds of polyurethane annually.

All of their prepolymers are customized through lab development, dynomometer testing, and extensive field research to maximize physical properties for tire and wheel applications.



Falcon's machine shop is equipped with state of the art CNC mills and turning centers. Utilizing the latest SURFCAM technology, their machine shop enables engineers and machinists to quickly turn molds for new parts and help their customers with prototyping.

Falcon offers a variety of tread configurations and surface treatments to meet the requirements of any application.

Sensor Siping is their latest development for wet floor applications. A series of parallel razor cuts creates vacuum pockets that improve adhesion. Sensor Siping also provides a softer ride. Unlike band saw and router sipes, the Sensor process does not remove urethane which can reduce service life.

T90 is Falcon's workhorse compound and is recommended for most applications. T90 is formulated to achieve a versatile balance between compression modulus, tear strength, and abrasion resistance.

Premium Soft is the product of recent advances in urethane chemistry that have facilitated the creation of this lower durometer thermoset compound. Premium Soft tires and wheels cushion operators, equip- ment, and loads from shocks and vibrations without sacrificing rolling resistance. The unique linear structure of this compound is designed to optimize tear strength and compression modulus while resisting compression set. Premium Soft is also able to withstand extreme freezer temperatures while maintaining compression flexibility and traction.

Hyload compound was created to eliminate downtime and replace- ment expenses caused by premature tire and wheel failures in extreme applications. Hyload is a highly linear compound formu- lated to resist hysteresis, while balancing other physical properties. Unparalleled resistance to heat build-up means that Hyload can with- stand the abuse of high speeds, long runs, and heavy loads that cause standard compounds to overheat and degrade. Use Hyload when nothing else works.

Casterthane is Falcon's proprietary thermoset polyurethane form- ulated to maximize performance in caster wheel applications. Casterthane employs a high cross-link density polymer that yields a longer lasting, easier rolling wheel. Casterthane wheels are non-marking and non-abrasive on a wide variety of floors. They are more durable than conventional polymers and will not crack like injection molded wheels.


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