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Stanley Industrial Tires

Your place to buy Arnco Tires

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No more flat tires, even in the most hazardous operating environments. Full of genuine Arnco Flatproofing™, your tires will roll right over spikes, scrap metal, nails, rocks….you name it.

With Arnco Flatproofing™ your tires are:


Full of Safety

  • No tip-overs due to sudden flats.
  • Better ballast for steep hillside jobs or overload conditions.
  • Extended limp-in capability - never get stuck due to tire failure.
  • Always ready to roll at a moments notice.
  • Eliminate the potential for tires or wheels to fail with explosive force.


Full of Savings

  • Longer tire life - two to five times longer than air-filled. You get the full tread life from you tires.
  • Better productivity - no more flat tire down-time.
  • Eliminate or drastically reduce frequent tire repair costs.
  • Multiple retreading is possible to maximize the service hours from the tire carcass.


Full of Quality

  • Superior heat resistance extends tire carcass life.
  • Best warranty in the industry.

Sooner or later, a tire loses air. Underinflation is the primary cause of poor tire performance.

A technologically Advanced
Tire Sealant!

ReSeal is a laboratory tested and road proven, liquid tire sealant which instantly and permanently seals up to 1/4 inch punctures in the tire tread area. ReSeal contains a proprietary blend of polymers and fibers, including Kevlar®. It is compounded to provide excellent sealing performance throughout the life of the tire.

ReSeal is pumped into the tire through the valve stem and remains liquid for the life of the mounted tire. As the tire rotates, centrifugal force spreads ReSeal evenly over the interior of the tire tread area. When punctured, thousands of strong interlocking fibers clot instantly, in and around the puncture, to prevent any loss of air. ReSeal is so effective, it will seal numerous punctures in tubeless or tube type tires.

ReSeal can be used in highway or off-the-road tire applications including slow moving vehicles. It has been successfully used in farm vehicles, all terrain vehicles, gardening equipment, golf carts, passenger cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Get the most for your tire investment

  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Extended Tire Life
  • Peace of Mind

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